Glass Blocks for the Bathroom: Gorgeous Bricks Make a Grand Comeback!

Glass Blocks for the Bathroom: Gorgeous Bricks Make a Grand Comeback!

Discovering new ways to bring the world outside indoors has been a favorite part of our design exploration in the last couple of years. Creative architects, designers and homeowners willing to explore new ideas have shown us fun and creative ways in which we can once again connect with nature even as we are forced to stay indoors. There is absolutely no doubt that a global pandemic that has kept us largely indoors for over 2 years now has profoundly shaped home design and decorating trends. People are once again embracing, brighter, cheerful and more open homes that invite in light and create a healthier lifestyle. It is this journey that has helped the world rediscover the magic of glass blocks.

Exceptional bathroom with modern-rustic style, stone bathtub and a shower area with glass brick wall
Exceptional bathroom with modern-rustic style, stone bathtub and a shower area with glass brick wall [From: Advantage Contracting]
Spacious-traditional-bathroom-in-wood-and-gray-with-glass-block-backdrop-98926-217x155 Beautiful-use-of-glass-blocks-for-the-modern-shower-area-with-smart-ligting-29388-217x155 Closer-look-at-the-glass-block-window-of-the-bathroom-14515-217x155 Creative-use-of-glass-blocks-to-bring-light-into-the-spacious-master-bathroom-with-traditional-style-62287-217x155 Custom-wall-with-glass-blocks-seperates-the-bathroom-from-the-bedroom-in-this-master-suite-64197-217x155 Fabulous-curved-glass-block-wall-for-th-shower-area-of-the-blue-and-white-modern-bathroom-40926-217x155 Glass-shower-wall-built-using-glass-blocks-offers-privacy-while-letting-light-in-35376-217x155 Wall-of-glass-blocks-next-to-the-bathtub-brings-light-into-this-contemprary-bathroom-45063-217x155 Custom-glass-block-windows-of-New-Orleans-home-also-add-a-pop-of-bold-blue-to-the-setting-71834-217x155 Normal-windows-coupled-with-glass-block-window-in-the-modern-bathroom-76263-217x155 Corner-shower-with-gray-floor-tiles-and-a-curved-glass-block-wall-33220-217x155 Polished-modern-bathroom-with-sliding-frosted-glass-door-and-glass-block-window-51228-217x155

Glass blocks or glass bricks, have been around for a long, long time in some shape or form. Even before their first official arrival in the early 90’s. glass blocks have been seen sporadically in a different shape across the globe. Replacing traditional windows in the bathrooms and ushering in along with them a wide range of benefits, glass blocks are one of the hot design trends of 2022. And few places in your home benefit from them as much as the modern bathroom. It is time to rethink your glass options!

80’s Love of Glass

The first glass blocks used in construction of homes and commercial buildings might date back to early 1900’s but it is the 70’s and the 80’s when glass blocks really shot into stardom. To kick things up a notch, you even had the option of colorful glass bricks; something that fit perfectly into the bright, loud and bold image of the decade. Soon, glass blocks were a thing of the past and polished finishes of the 90’s all but turned them into an embarrassing memory of the past. As with so many other trends, glass blocks have made another comeback almost 40 years down the line and it is the bathroom where they seem to be most preferred.

Spacious traditional bathroom in wood and gray with glass block backdrop
Beautiful use of glass blocks for the modern shower area with smart lighting [From: ROOM+ Design & Build]
Closer look at the glass block window of the bathroom
Creative use of glass blocks to bring light into the spacious master bathroom with traditional style [From: Camian Larson]
Custom wall with glass blocks separates the bathroom from the bedroom in this master suite [From: Gerber Berend Design Build]

Diffused Light and Privacy

Yes, glass blocks look equally gorgeous in every room of your home – from the entry and the living space to the kitchen and the courtyard. And we promise we will share those inspirations with you down the line. But it is the bathroom where they seem to be most effective as they bring in ample natural light while offering complete privacy. The diffused light from glass bricks is not too bright and creates different patterns of light and shadows through the day. Unlike typical glass walls for the shower, you do not need additional curtains here and this comes in mighty hand when working with limited space.

Fabulous curved glass block wall for the shower area of the blue and white modern bathroom [From: Rockefeller Kempel Architects]
Glass shower wall built using glass blocks offers privacy while letting light in
Wall of glass blocks next to the bathtub brings light into this contemporary bathroom [From: Guided Home Design]
Custom glass block windows of New Orleans home also add a pop of bold blue to the setting [From: Innovate Building Solutions]

Energy-Efficient and Safe

The advantage of glass blocks goes well beyond just a balance between natural light and privacy. These bricks are also far sturdier than your traditional glass windows or floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Modern glass blocks are much, much stronger than the early blown glass versions of the brick and this automatically improves the security of your home. Then you also have the added advantage of a material that provides several times better insulation than some of the best-rated glass out there. Cutting back on heating and cooling costs, glass backs help improve your home in more ways than one!

Polished modern bathroom with sliding frosted glass door and glass block window
Corner shower with gray floor tiles and a curved glass block wall [From: Rockport Post & Beam]
Gorgeous glass block window lets in filtered light [From: John Lum Architecture]
Normal windows coupled with glass block window in the modern bathroom [From: V.I.Photography & Design]

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