This colossal research vehicle is the best fit for a mystic Avatar multiverse

This colossal research vehicle is the best fit for a mystic Avatar multiverse

I can only imagine this four-wheeled research vehicle to be a source of inspiration for sci-fi movies where annihilating the environment is no longer in our conscious will, and everything else revolves around sustainable living. It’s like going back to our deepest roots!

As we go on eating up all the landmass on the planet, the most pristine and delicate places on the face of earth risk getting exposed beyond the limits. Take Antarctica for example – where the hostile environment has kept commercial activities at bay till now, but that won’t be the case for long. The logical solution is a circular economy dominated by sustainable tourism. The Land Rover ARC – Antarctica Research Concept is an idea that stems from the core idea of minimizing carbon footprint on such locations which are not as tormented as compared to the human-dominated lands.

Though of by Oliver Ball, this gargantuan research vehicle is a movable module on wheels for research and extended missions on the snow-laden landscape. The vehicle employs solar and wind energy to suffice all the needs on-board, thereby making it a self-sustainable cozy home for scientists, as well as eco-conscious tourists. Emphasis for the interior module design is largely focused on modern, minimal, and airy space aesthetics. There are separate modules for bedrooms, dining areas, storage pods, bunk beds, meeting rooms, and secluded work areas. The designer has taken complete leverage to embellish the interiors in luxury, thoughtfully designed sections, and matching furniture.

Both for the interiors and exteriors, Oliver believes, the emphasis is on the three pillars – the minimal luxury of Range Rover, the utility of Defender and research capability of Discovery. To ensure the vehicle never runs out of power in the most tormenting conditions on the continent, the base stations will juice up the batteries as and when needed. It won’t be illogical to say, the Land Rover ARC is just the kind of vehicle evolution the Avatar sequels could do with. After all, James Cameron also has the uncanny knack of creating worlds that nobody could even imagine in their wildest dreams!

Designer: Oliver Ball

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