Ten eclectic living rooms with statement rugs

Ten eclectic living rooms with statement rugs

The Historic Schoolhouse apartment

For our latest lookbook, we have selected 10 living rooms from the Dezeen archive that feature statement rugs, from rustic cowhide rugs to expansive carpets decorated with geometric shapes.

Interior designers have traditionally included cosy rugs in living rooms to add warmth to the space and soften its acoustics.

The following examples highlight how creative variations on the classic rug, such as skinny floor-runners and quirkily-patterned textiles, can serve more than their original purpose by livening up the look of a room.

This is the latest roundup in our Dezeen Lookbooks series that provide visual inspiration for designers and design enthusiasts. Previous lookbooks include homes with exposed concrete, purple interiors and colourful kindergartens.

Moore House by Woods and Dangaran
Photo is by Joe Fletcher

Moore House, US, by Woods + Dangaran

Local firm Woods + Dangaran updated a Los Angeles house built in 1965 by architect Craig Ellwood with interiors that nod to the home's mid-century origins.

The living room at Moore House features an eclectic dark-coloured rug with shaggy tassels, which contrasts with the sleek surrounding furniture including an Arflex leather sofa by Umberto Asnago and bulbous Foscarini lamps placed on stone side tables.

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The living room of Caserío Azkarraga
Photo is by Biderbost Photo

Caserío Azkarraga, Spain, by BABELstudio and Bonadona Arquitectura

Caserío Azkarraga in northern Spain is a restaurant with an adjoining house for its chef, where hints of colour inside offset the building's blackened-timber cladding.

A tall orange lamp in the living space connects to accents of the colour found in a geometric-patterned rug, which resembles a quirky playing card and makes a statement in the otherwise minimalist room.

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Atherton by Pacific Peninsula and Leverone DesignAtherton by Leverone Design
Photo is by Joe Fletcher

Atherton Contemporary, USA, by Pacific Peninsula Architecture and Leverone Design

Silicon Valley studio Leverone Design created the interiors for Atherton Contemporary, a light-hued limestone house with similarly neutrally-toned furniture.

Despite their closeness in colour, the soft materiality of a plush floor rug contrasts with the roughness of nearby exposed brick walls, highlighting how living room interiors can play with texture to create an eclectic feel.

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Living room in Kew Residence by John Wardle Architects in Melbourne, Australia
Photo is by Trevor Mein and Sharyn Cairns

Kew Residence, Australia, by John Wardle Architects

Three vividly-patterned runner-style rugs were placed under a wooden coffee table at Kew Residence, a Melbourne house with Victorian ash walls, floors and ceilings.

Home to its architect, John Wardle, the property features brightly-coloured artworks that nod to the splashes of colour and elegant shapes found on the rugs.

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Levine by Hendricks Churchill
Photo is by Tim Lenz

Connecticut house, USA, by Hendricks Churchill

American office Hendricks Churchill designed this Connecticut residence as a "modern farmhouse," with patterned and textured area rugs draped over hardwood floors.

"The goal was to design a somewhat traditional house with a few key contemporary elements," explained Hendricks Churchill creative director Rafe Churchill.

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Living room in White Arrow schoolhouse
Photo is by White Arrow

The Historic Schoolhouse apartment, USA, by White Arrow

Retro geometric carpets take centre stage in the Historic Schoolhouse, a New York City apartment with statement interior elements such as a towering indoor palm tree.

Brooklyn design studio White Arrow added an expansive rug to the living space, which serves as the focal point of the room thanks to its playful shapes woven in shades of lilac, green and dark blue.

Find out more about The Historic Schoolhouse apartment ›

Wyoming Residence
Photo is by Abramson Teiger

The Wyoming Residence, US, by Abramson Teiger

Panel-formed concrete walls that were poured in-situ line the inside of the Wyoming Residence, a steel-clad house designed by American office Abramson Teiger.

The smooth texture of the walls contrasts directly with a luxurious fluffy rug placed in the living room, although both design elements are tinged in unusual shades of green.

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Antonio Zaninovic Architecture Studio Cape Town house
Photo is by Elsa Young

Icaria House, South Africa, by Antonio Zaninovic Architecture Studio and Tara Bean

Located on a clifftop in Cape Town, this mid-century house was overhauled by Antonio Zaninovic Architecture Studio and designer Tara Bean to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

Interior walls were painted white to bring light into the home, contrasting against more dramatic visual elements such as a deep red floor rug that offsets the light-blue ocean horizon seen from large windows.

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Turner Architects Cloistered House
Photo is by Adam Scott

A Cloistered House, UK, by Turner Architects

A cosy feel was incorporated at London residence A Cloistered House by adding a classic cowhide rug to the living room, which features original elements such as dark wooden floors.

Local practice Turner Architects renovated the house to include "cloister-like" rooms arranged around a central courtyard, with pops of interior colours and patterns that were chosen to bring the changing colours of the seasons inside.

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Nick Deaver LeanToo Austin
Photo is by Casey Dunn

LeanToo, USA, by Nick Deaver Architects

Austin studio Nick Deaver Architects enlarged a traditional white gabled house in the Texan capital with a corrugated metal extension.

This mixture of old and new elements is also reflected in the project's interior spaces, which feature furniture such as a richly-decorated Persian rug that contrasts with a minimal white armchair and statement bookcase.

Find out more about LeanToo ›

The main image is of Kew Residence by Trevor Mein and Sharyn Cairns.

This is the latest in our series of lookbooks providing curated visual inspiration from Dezeen's image archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks showcasing texture-heavy restaurant interiors, Shaker-style rooms and retro green bathrooms.

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