Cheerful Ideas For Holiday Decor That Can Be Used All Year Round

Cheerful Ideas For Holiday Decor That Can Be Used All Year Round

Splurging on Christmas decor might not work for many people since you get to admire its beauty only for a month or so. To solve this, try to focus on more versatile pieces that you can use for seasonal decor and beyond. Instead of bringing those festive decorations back to the basement or attic, you can use them all year round. We picked several versatile decor choices that will fit any home style. With a bit of creativity, you can transform them to match the current season.

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Basic wreath

A leafy wreath isn’t only reserved for holiday decorations. A basic wreath is a classic piece that will amaze you with its versatility. Wrap it with a red bow for the holidays, and switch with burlap once you pack up the Christmas decor. A lovely wreath can become part of your spring mantel decor, bringing a dose of freshness after the holiday sparkle is put away. 

Luscious wreath from Lakeside

Wooden candlesticks

If you wish to use your Christmas decor all year round, make sure to stay away from the classic red and green combo. Instead, opt for neutrals that will fit your interior style. These wooden candlesticks will enhance your Christmas vignettes with their charming appeal. On the other hand, these versatile pieces can also become part of your table centerpiece during the other seasons. 

Wooden candlesticks from Burke Decor

Decorative lantern

Decorative lanterns are versatile pieces that can find their place in any seasonal decor. Fill them with sparkling ornaments for Christmas or pine cones in the fall. Add a candle and bring some dimmed light to your patio for the outdoor entertainment seasons. It could easily become part of your year-round bookshelf decor, too!

Whimsical lantern for carefully curated shelves from Burke Decor

White garland

This white garland is versatile enough to be used in your decor, regardless of the season. Bring a playful decorative touch into the kids’ room, or decorate the patio for those glorious summer parties.

White garland with stars and spheres from Anthropologie

Olive leaf garland

The refined and minimalist aesthetics of this olive leaf garland allow for year-round use. Use the olive branches to enhance your summer table setting for special gatherings. For the holidays, you can layer with candles and enjoy the stylish tablescape with family and friends. 

Charming olive garland for year-round decor from Burke Decor
Charming olive garland for year-round decor from Burke Decor


White candles can be used at any time of the year, since they go with just about any decor theme. Pair them with holiday decorations to create a remarkable Christmas centerpiece for family gatherings. Once the holidays are over, use your candles to light a romantic dinner. The crystal votive perfectly fits the Christmas spirit while still versatile enough to become part of your year-round decor.

Crystal votive from Burke Decor

String lights

Once the holidays are over, don’t pack these string lights together with the seasonal decor. String lights will bring a soft and cozy glow, creating a romantic and relaxed ambiance. The glass orb string lights create a classic look that will complement any interior style while instilling a cozy mood. 

Glowing orb for ambiance from Burke Decor

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