Unilin Master Oak panels emulate look and performance of real wood

Unilin Master Oak panels emulate look and performance of real wood

Unilin Mater Oak panels

Dezeen promotion: Unilin Master Oak interior panels are designed to look and feel like natural wood, but with the high performance of an engineered material.

Although the decorative panels appear to be made from genuine oak, they are composed of melamine and high-pressure laminate (HPL).

They can be combined with any type of substrate, such as medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or chipboard, and come in fire-retardant, moisture-resistant and formaldehyde-free variants.

Trend and market research board
Unilin Master Oak panels were developed through extensive trend analysis and market research

The products were developed over several years by Unilin Panels – part of the Belgian Unilin Group – using extensive research and employing patented technologies.

"The extraordinary performance of melamine, together with its luxurious appearance, make Unilin Master Oak a product that masterfully outshines genuine oak," said Caroline Van de Populiere, the brand's research and development director.

Unilin Master Oak comes in varieties that can be used for nearly all interior applications: from doors and shelves to wall panelling, retail, office, and hospitality spaces.

A photograph of Unilin wood
Unilin Master Oak Natural and Everest White with Master Oak structure

Six ready-made designs were introduced at launch, with four wood hues and two uni-colours – white and black.

The process of creating the panels began with market research and trend analysis.

Different types of oak were selected to establish a base before the layout and structure of the panels were developed, and the right composition was chosen.

Made from melamine and HPL, the panels can be used for nearly all interior applications

Samples were tested in the national and international interior design markets, and feedback was used to optimise the products.

"The main challenge was applying the natural look and feel to melamine and HPL," said Van de Populiere. "This involved a lot of trial and error."

"But we succeeded, through a combination of teamwork, smart use of patented technologies, and thinking outside the box."

The Unilin Master Oak panels come in a variety of colours

Visit the Unilin website for more information about the Master Oak panels.

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