This beefy Street Fighter bike matches Luke’s wrath ‘punch for punch’

This beefy Street Fighter bike matches Luke’s wrath ‘punch for punch’

London-based Digital artist Rene Mitchell (a.k.a. Lambert) has created this hot muscular machine in Street Fighter theme. And it goes without saying, the two-wheeler will make automotive fans go weak in the knees!

Who could get over the countless hours of classic Street Fighter arcade game back in the golden days? At least I couldn’t! Kicking and punching the opponents into submission, or on a bad day, having got trashed badly, to again muster up a new strategy to beat them all, the very next time I took control of the arcade machine. Fast forward to the present day and we are looking at the upcoming Street Fighter 6 teased for a 2022 release. The perfect time for us to feature a dapper motorcycle for Guile, Ryu, or the last character in the fifth season – Luke.

The bold upfront look and the fat rear tire combine to give the Electric Streetfighter bike its intimidating charm only a few can match. It has got a powerful electric motor that delivers power to the fat tires that have superior grip and high downforce. The regenerative braking adds to the tech of the café racer which combines with the electric motor to add some juice. A mean machine in the true sense, made for the Pikes Peak racing or high-octane street skirmishes.

Rene has managed to lend his design a very balanced mix of café racing aesthetics and circuit racing Moto GP feel. Add to the blend the definitive brawny form, like the ones on the fuel tank and the side body, and you’ve got a cheeky racer in the making. The colors revolving around the nostalgic Streetfighter theme and the STRIX branding on the motorbike are quite interesting. The latter means owl in ancient Roman and Greek dialect, or it could even have the Asus Strix link since the bike. For now, we can let our imagination loose to assume anything we can with this flamboyant set of wheels!

Designer: Rene Mitchell


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