Spacon & X designs pared-back Gamar furniture range for Copenhagen restaurant

Spacon & X designs pared-back Gamar furniture range for Copenhagen restaurant

Two pieces of furniture from the GAMAR collection

Danish architecture and design studio Spacon & X collaborated with German brand e15 to create this furniture collection for Copenhagen restaurant POPL, which is made using ash wood with a distinctive grain.

Spacon & X was asked to create the interior for the POPL restaurant in Copenhagen's Christianshavn neighbourhood, including a range of custom-made wooden furniture.

Interior view of the POPL restaurant and furniture
Spacon & X created the interiors for the POPL restaurant in Copenhagen

The studio worked with Frankfurt-based e15 to produce the Gamar chair and stool, which are shortlisted in the seating design category of Dezeen Awards 2021.

POPL is the latest addition to the Noma restaurant family and is run by a group of former employees of the famous eatery, which was established in 2004.

GAMAR furniture by e15 is pictured stacked
The restaurant has a warm and muted aesthetic

Spacon & X's simple design for the custom-made chair, stool, tables and valet stand contributes to a holistic interior scheme with a warm and understated aesthetic that reflects Noma's signature style.

"We have always admired Noma's approach to its products – from the individual ingredients to the holistic experience, each element demonstrates great attention to detail," claimed Spacon & X architect and partner, Malene Hvidt.

The furniture collection was titled Gamar

"This is also how we approached the design for POPL, and the design of the custom-made furniture in the space; with attention and care for the details and with the goal to recreate the warm welcome Noma is so well known for," she added.

The Gamar chair and stool designed for POPL feature a simple, archetypal structure influenced by Shaker furniture, as well as by traditional Nordic and Japanese furniture-making techniques.

Spacon & X chose to produce the furniture from heart ash, which features a golden colour that contrasts with the strong, brown grain of the core wood.

The wood was sourced from the Odenwald forest near Frankfurt and is finished with a matt clear lacquer that accentuates the grain.

GAMAR bar stool designed by Spacon & X and e15
Studio e15 created a barstool using ash wood

"For me, the focus of this project is on the use of natural materials and craftsmanship," added e15 co-founder Philipp Mainzer. "This is very much in line with the approach to our work at e15."

The chair was the starting point from which the rest of the collection evolved. It combines thick and sturdy rods used for the legs with flat elements for the seat, back and bracing elements.

Image of an ash dining chair designed by e16
The chairs have cylindrical legs and a rectangular backrest

At the back of the chair, the cylindrical legs extend through the seat and slot neatly into semi-circular grooves that are milled into the solid backrest.

The design of the barstool features the same elements as the chair, with the legs lengthened and a footrest added.

Detail image of a GAMAR chair by e15
Grooves were milled into the backrest to fit into the structural supports

The valet stand comprises a thick horizontal rod supported by simple legs, while the tables feature a pedestal base and surfaces made from Richlite – a durable composite of recycled paper and bio resin.

Within the restaurant setting, the furniture is complemented by fitted joinery in a similar minimal style, along with exposed brickwork and concrete surfaces that introduce further textural elements.

Person sat on a GAMAR chair by e15
The barstool was fitted with a footrest

e15 was established in 1995 and has become a leading manufacturer of premium furniture created by renowned architects and designers.

The company has worked with British architect David Chipperfield on products including a minimal furniture collection made from simple wooden planks and a modular workstation produced using traditional joinery techniques.

The firm has also collaborated with New York designer David Weeks to create a wooden toy that resembles the Bigfoot, and invited students from Swiss university ÉCAL to create objects based on its tooth-shaped Backenzahn stool.

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