Engineered Quartz Countertops: Pros and Cons for these Trendy Kitchen Additions

Engineered Quartz Countertops: Pros and Cons for these Trendy Kitchen Additions

Each year brings with it a set of unique trends that push a few materials and finishes up the popularity chart and some down the ladder. Of course, change of eras, popular styles and lifestyle also lead to a dramatic change in the most popular kitchen finishes. The last few years have seen kitchens across the world turn to engineered quartz when it comes to stylish, elegant and durable kitchen countertops that easily cut across styles. Much like wood and marble, they definitely rank among the top kitchen countertops this year and show absolutely no sign of slowing down.

Colorful kitchen islands and cabinets are beuatifully combined with quartz countertops in here
Colorful kitchen islands and cabinets are beautifully combined with quartz countertops in here [From: Sherwin Hall]
Engineered-quartz-countertops-elegantly-fit-into-the-monochromatic-color-palette-of-this-transitional-kitchen-94177-217x155 Quartz-countertops-are-a-perfect-fit-for-this-modern-kitchen-in-wood-and-white-31049-217x155 Pendants-add-metallic-glint-to-thos-marvelous-kitchen-in-white-34717-217x155 New-Age-Quartz-countertops-come-with-a-host-of-benefits-that-beat-natural-stone-70734-217x155 Adding-barn-inspired-touches-to-the-modern-kitchen-with-class-56765-217x155 Modern-farmhouse-style-kitchen-with-quartz-countertops-along-with-white-tiled-backsplash-87693-217x155 Quartz-countertops-ensure-that-the-style-and-color-scheme-of-the-open-plan-living-area-are-undisturbed-95203-217x155 Quartz-countertops-for-the-kitchen-station-and-island-create-a-curated-look-in-this-kitchen-74766-217x155

For those unfamiliar with it, engineered quartz is probably one of the most common finishes of recent times and beyond kitchen and bathroom countertops, it is extensively use for floors in commercial establishments, malls and airports. Thanks to its lustrous sheen, it definitely makes an impact no matter where it goes. But is engineered quartz right for your kitchen? How does it fit in with the other elements of the kitchen? And what exactly is engineered quartz… Step in to discover all the answers along with ample inspiration!

What is Engineered Quartz?

Understanding engineered quartz is pretty easy for even those not too keen on exploring deeper aspects of kitchen finishes. It is basically particles of natural quartz that are mixed with a variety of resins, polymers and even pigments to create different gorgeous materials. Unlike natural quartz stone that is found in nature, there is much more control here in terms of the glitter and hue of the final surface produced. You can add intricate details to the mix and engineered quartz is just perfect for home interiors as it does not need to be sealed and protected like natural quartz stones.

Engineered quartz countertops elegantly fit into the monochromatic color palette of this transitional kitchen [From: Dana Webber Design Group]
Modern farmhouse style kitchen with quartz countertops along with white tiled backsplash [From: Ryan Duebber Architect]
Adding barn-inspired touches to the modern kitchen with class [From: Transform-A-Space]

Many Benefits of Engineered Quartz

There are plenty of reasons for you to shift from natural stone to engineered quartz and on top of that list when it comes to kitchen countertops is their durability and non-porous nature. Engineered quartz countertops are heat and scratch resistant to a very large degree, can be cleaned and maintained easily, will serve you well for years to come and are often much cheaper than countertops in natural stone. Beyond this, you also have a wider range of colors and contours to choose from and since the material is made from salvaged quartz particles, engineered quartz is also essentially considered a ‘green and eco-friendly choice’ in the modern kitchen.

New-Age Quartz countertops come with a host of benefits that beat natural stone
Pendants add metallic glint to this marvelous kitchen in white [From: Dual Concept Design]
Quartz countertops are a perfect fit for this modern kitchen in wood and white [From: WYC Designs]
Quartz countertops ensure that the style and color scheme of the open plan living area are undisturbed

Making it Work in the Modern Kitchen

One thing you must understand before choosing engineered quartz for your kitchen is that it is a surface that does not do very well when exposed to prolonged, direct sunlight. Presence of resins and other pigments in the material cause to change color and create ugly patches over time when you leave it in the sun. That is the reason why the stone is best used indoors and when it comes to kitchen countertops, you should not see too much of a hassle at all. A slab of engineered quartz can cost anywhere between $60 to $130 and that means you have a great spectrum to choose from when it comes to a budget kitchen makeover!

Quartz countertops for the kitchen station and island create a curated look in this kitchen [From: Lugbill Designs]
Smart quartz countertops fit in with any style of kitchen you can think of
Black cabinets and appliances are coupled with black quartz countertops that steal the spotlight
Lovely white quartz countertops and backsplash for the curated modern kitchen [From: CG&S Design-Build]

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