Brewing your coffee in this travel thermos is easier than using a Nespresso

Brewing your coffee in this travel thermos is easier than using a Nespresso

As portable as an ordinary Starbucks travel mug, the Qterra Craft is designed to give you coffee so fresh you’ll feel like it was brewed right inside it… and you’d be right! The Qterra Craft is a pretty clever little device, giving you the freshest coffee or tea—even while you’re traveling—by simply brewing it on the spot. The mug comes with a lid that holds tea leaves or coffee grounds in a telescopic Q-Brew Basket that extends downwards into the vessel when the lid is twisted. Fill the vessel with piping hot water and twist the lid just minutes before you actually want your beverage. Then twist the lid when you’re done and the used leaves or grounds ascend back into the lid, secured with an air-tight seal. Effectively, your freshly brewed coffee just requires two twists… but there’s one more twist to come!

Designers: Raeshon McNeil & Pierre Baston (Founder / Inventor)

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If you’ve ever sipped coffee or tea from a travel mug only to realize it’s hotter than the sun and your tongue’s effectively burnt, the Qterra has a solution for that too. Another twist of the mug (just below the lid) reveals Qterra’s Q-Cool cooling system, which rapidly brings down the temperature of your beverage to a drinkable level, and lets you know via a color-changing band. The Q-Temp Ring goes from yellow (burning hot) to black (drinkable) to let you visually assess the right time to drink your beverage.

The design of the Qterra Craft was prompted by the fact that travel mugs don’t solve the fundamental problem with carrying beverages. Sure, travel mugs and thermoses keep your beverage hot and sealed, but after 3-4 hours, a coffee/tea loses its fresh flavor and along with it, the antioxidants that make the beverage useful to your body. Qterra Craft’s simple solution is to actually brew your fresh hot beverage on the spot exactly when you want it. The twist-to-brew system is uniquely intuitive and spill-free, and works with any variety of loose leaf tea or ground coffee. The tumbler portion of the mug holds the hot water, which remains heated thanks to insulated walls, while the lid holds the grounds, separating the two elements until you want to brew your beverage. Twisting the lid allows the upper meshed metal container to telescope down into the water, akin to dipping a tea bag into it, and the brewing immediately begins. Once you’ve timed your brew, a reverse twist ascends the metal container, sealing the brewing ingredients back in the lid.

Once the brewing is done, the Q-Cool system takes the spotlight. Designed to keep you from burning your tongue, Q-Cool’s heat-absorbing PCM (phase change material) rapidly brings the beverage temperature down to a safe 140°F, and keeps it there while you drink. The thermochromic Q-Temp Ring lets you know when your beverage is at the perfect drinking temperature by changing color from yellow to black.

Each Qterra Craft is designed to be travel-safe, leakproof, and with an insulated inner vessel made from stainless steel. The mug lets you brew the coffee or tea of your choice for as long as you want, runs entirely without batteries, and is dishwasher-safe.

The Qterra Craft even comes with Q-Art swappable medallions that let you customize this cutting-edge mug by fixing magnetic artworks onto it, so you can show your personal style every time you lift your mug to drink!

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $169 (59% off). Hurry, only 12/95 left!

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