A limited edition iPhone 13 Pro made from a melted Tesla Model 3 is an exercise in extravagance

A limited edition iPhone 13 Pro made from a melted Tesla Model 3 is an exercise in extravagance

Apple and Tesla lovers have got themselves a match made in heaven – an exclusive iPhone 13 Pro made from the melted parts of the Tesla Model 3 EV. If that’s not enough, Caviar has one more surprise for you!

Russian luxury brand Caviar is no stranger to creating exorbitantly priced unique creations made from unexpected materials. Things like iPhone 13 Pro made from Dinosaur tooth or gold-plated versions of PlayStation 5 gaming console. And yes, who can forget the Steve Jobs and Jack Ma commemorative phones from the Visionaries collection. The lifestyle luxury brand has shown us how any accessory or gadget can be turned into the most valued possession money can buy.

The latest addition to their Visionaries collection presented earlier this year is the iPhone 13 Pro made partly from the melted Tesla Model 3 parts. Yes, that’s true – if Caviar touches something it is destined to be extravagant. They call it the iPhone 13 Pro Electro which is dedicated to the future visionary Elon Musk. The final creation here oozes with the spirit of the Tesla brand and its values. It has got a robust frame made out of titanium mixed with black PVD coating – a method typically used in Swiss watchmaking. The stand-out bit of this limited-edition iPhone 13 Pro is the shock-resistant steel-colored metal insert which is salvaged out of a remelted Model 3 electric car.

The amazement doesn’t end there as the phone gets aluminum panels from the EV’s body, and it has the engravings of Elon Musk and the Tesla logo etched in amazing detail. To keep reminding the proud owners of the legacy, there is a copper insert (with Caviar branding) on the rear as a tribute to electric motor coils that are eventually responsible for eco-friendly commuting in the most economical way. This iPhone 13 Pro is going to be quite rare, as only 99 units will be handcrafted in total with the base variant carrying a steep price tag of $6,760.

If your Elon obsession is no match for the fat bank account of yours, then the Visionaries collection has got one more surprise for you. This new creation is announced alongside the Elon Musk bust which proudly sits on top of a black marble base having a double gold-plated plaque for the serial number. The bust is made completely out of Tesla Model 3 parts like the hood, doors and other metal panels. This one is even more exclusive as only 27 busts will be made in total and cost you back $3,220!

Designer: Caviar

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Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Electro

Caviar Elon Musk Tesla Bust

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